Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dreams within dreams

I had a dream the week prior to Easter Sunday 2008 and it goes something like this:

I was in an EQ presidency meeting and two of my counselors were discussing this dream one of them had. The one who didn't have the dream was discounting the dream as anything meaningful because he didn't have the same dream. But, I was thinking to myself the one with the dream was right on because I myself had the same dream. The dream we both had was this:

I was walking on this path in a field or forest and Peter and John were rushing past me with a look of happy anxiety and ecstatic anticipation on the path and discussing something obviously important to both of them. They didn't stop as they passed me or acknowledge me. Then after a couple of minutes, a bunch of different animals rushed passed me, some of which I recognized and some which no man has seen before. They didn't bother me, and were making their individual noises per their species as they went by. Although I can't read animal expressions, I knew they were rushing to the same destination as Peter and John with that same peaceful happiness in their faces and eyes!

After I saw the animals pass, I realized what the commotion was about and where they, along with Peter and John, were going: the Second Coming happened and they were rushing to meet the Saviour.

That's when the dream ended. I'm not pretending that it meant anything, but it did lend comfort to me and increased my own personal testimony. I felt peaceful and happy for a moment.

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HeatherG said...

Wow. I cannot recall any dreams of mine that have been spiritual. That's awesome.