Friday, December 7, 2007

Nervous Xians

I've been getting a lot of forwarded emails proclaiming the evils and the bringing about of Earth's destruction related to the release of the movie The Golden Compass. During Sunday School, a sister commented on the evils of 'a certain movie about to come out' meant to ensnare innocent unsuspecting children in the throes of atheism. These people, while I understand their motives, have not read the books based on the movie, and obviously they haven't seen the movie and are basing their judgment on their reactions to what others have said. Personally, the previews to the movie look pretty cool; it looks kind of like a mix between the Never-Ending Story and the Lord of the Rings. This feigned outrage by the masses reinforces my idea that you can see anything you want in just about anything you see. To prove my point, I am going to attempt to take a seemingly innocuous movie beloved by billions and expose its sinister plot to brainwash the world into not believing in God. I'm going to take the symbols in the movie and then state what they are symbolizing. Here goes:

The Wizard of Oz as an Atheistic Allegory

Toto: Toto represents man's (from here on, the term 'man' includes man and woman) fear of our soul being captured by Satan/Evil; the fear of going to Hell; eternal damnation. Dorothy protected Toto (her soul) from capture by Evil.

Tornados in Kansas: Man's natural fear of the unknown after death, leading to Dorothy's dream.

Dorothy's Dream: Man's answer to the tornados; religion.

Munchkin/Munchkin Land: Innocence at birth; birth is the starting point for man on the Golden Path.

Yellow-Brick Road: In religion, this is the Golden Path to heaven.

Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion: Natural Man's traits which are sought to be overcome in order to reach Heaven.

Dark Forest: Shadows of the valley of Death; mortality; time of trial

Wicked Witch and Flying Apes: Satan/Evil and devised temptations, influences leading us off of the Golden Path.

Oz: Heaven

Wizard: Supreme Ruler of Heaven; Deity

Revealed Man behind facade of Wizard: Man's realization of Religion as a man-made fraud.

Dorothy's Awakening: Man becoming 'self-actualized' as described by Nietzche, realizing the traits symbolized by the Scarecrow et al are neither negative or positive, they just are.

Ruby Slippers: hypnotic effects of religion; the key to why so many refuse to experience Dorothy's Awakening.

So, there it is. I was thinking about that this morning while I was taking a shower, a morning ritual symbolizing my desires to be clean from the sins of my past! Ha!

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Em Butler said...

I like it! Dorothy is eeeevil . . . eeevil! Yeah, I agree that all the brouhaha over the movie/books is pretty silly. Have you noticed how no one who's warning the world has actually read the books? Another friend of mine pointed out that just because the author is an atheist doesn't mean he's not moral. I enjoyed the characters and plot of the books, and Terry Pratchet, another favorite author of mine, is also an atheist and yet writes beautiful and hilarious moral stories.
We miss you guys! Glad to hear you're enjoying NY. I'll try to keep up with your blog! Oh, and Joseph says hi back.